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Layers, Layers, and more layers - Food Trends 2012

Living in the NYC area there are many great places to eat and there are always new places and foods to try. As it is a New Year I decided to research what is up and coming in food and wine in 2012 – and there are some amazing dishes, and drinks coming our way. For your reading pleasure I have highlighted my favorites and since I have a terrible obsession with sweets I have also given you a bit more in that department. You will thank me later.

Here is an overview of what we can expect in 2012;

  1. Pork Belly is the new Bacon. With the rise of Porchetta, bacon lovers will unite and expand their palates. Pork Bell is sinful, fatty, but oh-so-tasty.

[image from Pig Pig's Corner]

  1. Gluten-free is here to stay. We knew it was coming - and now in 2012, you will see an explosion of GF options in restaurants, cookbooks, grocery stores and more. We have a fantastic vegan food truck here in Hoboken, called the Cinnamon Snail, which has won many, many accolades for their tasty food options. Here are some great GF ideas for party snacks for your next gathering:

[goat cheese pops from TheKitchn]

  1. Meatloaf is what's for dinner. In 2012, look for great recipes with sun-dried tomato, piccoline olives, asiago cheese, and much more!

[image from Ligher & Local blog]

  1. Move over – Napa; We make great wine too! In 2012 you will see more wines from the wine-growing and wine-making regions of Virginia, the north shore of Long Island and the Finger Lakes in upstate New York . All of their wines are as good if not better than their California counterparts. One great example - Dr. Frank’s Riesling from the Finger Lakes region is a fruity, floral delight.

  2. Scandanavian influences - especially, the open-faced sandwiches. It's very similar to the french tartine sandwich, but not necessarily served warm. Thanks to the popularity of Stieg Larsson's Dragon Tattoo trilogy, the open-faced sandwich is HOT. We even featured these in our New Year's post as great bites for your guests!

While I enjoy wine, meatloaf, and pork belly, I adore dessert much more. And 2012 is a wonderful year for my sweet tooth. 2011 was the year of the cupcake and while the cupcake is a delicious, bite sized treat the trend for 2012 is luxurious and decadent. And nothing says luxury better than the American layer cake.

While the layer cake has roots in British dessert cookery, our version is a bit sweeter. My personal favorites hail from the South — chocolate, triple lemon chiffon, and of course Southern Living had a wonderful array of red velvet cakes too. I also discovered some new and tasty options over on myrecipes - toasted coconut cake, dark chocolate stuffed layer cake, and for those of us who are creative and patient try out Martha Stewart’s Rainbow Cake.

After all of your layers have been iced and the cake is a pillar of perfection you will need a cake stand to display your work of art. Take a look at the vintage cake stands I found on Maxie B's Bakery, Rosanna, and Clara French Ceramics – fun and festive just like that moist and delicious cake.

For those of you who are more traditional I found some beautiful glass options on At Home with Kim Vallee – perfect for keeping the cake fresh and tasty.

[image from Kim Vallee]

And lastly, if you want to combine two food trends from 2012, combine the layer cake with the Scandanavian open-faced sandwich - the Smörgåstårta!! Try these savory sandwich cakes inspired from TheKitchn.

[image from TheKitchn]

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