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HAPPY FRIDAY!! What a week it has been - lots of Hockey to watch and some Basketball too. I grew up a Devils fan and now that both teams are "in it to win it" I am torn - Keep it up guys you look great! The excitement from the games is gearing me up for a great weekend ahead. But first I want to share some of the wonderful sites, photos and videos that I enjoyed this week.

Please take a read and if you have great internet finds - let us know!


WINE LINK of the Week:

About a year ago I decided I wanted to learn more about wine and be able to appreciate the wine making craft. I enrolled in classes @ the International Wine Sch ool and shortly after the wine bug bite me. I then discovered Lot 18 a members only website that has provided me with excellent wine along with a wealth of wine knowledge.

They provide access to high-quality, hard-to-find wines and gourmet foods at attractive prices, as well as wine- and gourmet-themed travel excursions and exclusive dinners at top restaurants across the country.

Joining Lot18 is free and can be done right on their site. The best part of the site are the detailed and informative reviews they have on each wine available. Beyond wine they also offer excellent food and some wine related travel excursions.


Oh She Glows This is by far my favorite blog and one I check on a daily basis. At one point in my life I was a vegetarian but I had horrible ea ting habits and never knew what to make for myself. I eventually began eating meat again but always wanted to return to a simple diet filled with veggies and fruits.

During a book club I heard about a Canadian Blog that had a tasty recipe for a GREEN MONSTER. I had no idea what it was but it sounded tasty and weird. The smoothie uses a almond or soy milk base blended with spinach or kale and a variety of fruits and ginger. They have become a staple in my diet and I can't imagine a day without my Green Monster smoothie. Now if I could only get everyone I know hooked too!

This is a great source for vegan and vegetarian recipes - besides the smoothie I adore the vegan oats. A simple overnight no-cooking needed recipe. Who doesn't love that?


PHOTOS of the Week: I enjoy photography and aspire to take better photos. I have installed instagram on my phone and also enjoy looking at local photographers work both in galleries and online. I am drawn to both travel photos and candid family and animal shots. These are my favs this week - I like to save them to my desktop and look at them throughout the week - some for laughs other for inspiration.

FAVORITE Video of the Week - The Movie UP : I don't know about you but I get sentimental every now and again. And this week I found myself scanning Youtube for some videos that would "hit the spot." If you have not seen the movie UP - I highly recommend it. The move reminds us all how precious life is - seeing this video again has reignigted my need to travel, experience new things and hugs the ones I love a bit tighter. I hope this video does the same for all of you.  



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